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Shelford Interviews: Rupert Neve discusses how technologies in the 60's changed sound engineering


"the shift from laquer disk to multitrack tape gave engineers the ability to create better sound quality and reliability in their recordings, but they aren't always BETTER recordings" 
-Rupert Neve on the change in mindset due to the new technologies introduced in the sixties.

In the Shelford Interviews, Rupert Neve explores his early days in the recording industry. In this video, Rupert talks about the impact of the rapid shift from recording to lacquer disks through multi-track tape, and how that shift in technology changed the mindset of sound engineers and the music industry.





Shelford Interviews: Developments that lead to the classic Neve modules



Shelford Interviews: The Development of Early Faders


Rupert Neve discusses some of the early trials and tribulations of incorporating faders into the early Neve consoles. 



Shelford Interviews: Rupert Neve talks about creating his first transister based mixer


As part of the Shelford Interviews with Rupert Neve exploring his early days in the recording industry, Rupert talks about the creation of his first transistor based mixer and the change over from tube / valve based designs.





Shelford Interviews: Moving to the Little Shelford Rectory and other early production sites


As part of the Shelford Interviews with Rupert Neve exploring his early days in the recording industry, Rupert talks about building his early mixers in his garage and subsequently moving production to Little Shelford, Melborne, and Scotland as the business grew.


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Този странен шкаф със светещи бутони се нарича "изтривачка". Служи за....изтриване на ленти. :) Няколко такива има по етажите и ми се стори удачно да им се обърне внимание, тъй като повечето хора едва ли са виждали такива неща. С това устройство всяка една лента може да бъде изтрита за по-малко от минута, като процедурата е елементарна - лентата се слага в шкафа и се натиска червеният бутон, след десетина секунди светва зелена лампа, процедурата се повтаря( за по-сигурно , след което лентата се завърта на 90 градуса и следва същата процедура:





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На първи октомври (световен ден на музиката) обновеното Студио 1 на БНР отваря врати с концерт на бигбенда на БНР с диригент Антони Дончев, заповядайте!


Ето няколко интересни снимки от наковаването на новият под:





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