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Saturated Pixels - EP "Photons" 2016

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„ If life can be perceived as a garden, then purpose of human existence can be interpreted as picking the best spot in it. The one providing the right amount of water and nutrition, proper sun exposure, sufficient physical space to grow, and still close enough to the others so you can communicate. It all starts with observation, then your fragile structures learn to communicate. Influences are formed so they can morph into growth.

In 'Photons' the multi-instrumental duo Saturated Pixels showcases not just growth, but overgrowth. Bearing elements from a vast array of genres among which ambient, experimental, wave, post-punk, and psychedelic music they've shaped their own vivid and organic mixturе. Extracting only the essence necessary for their creative existence Saturated Pixels have come up with a whole new world inside their garden of life. A world driven by overlapping minimalist melodies, eclectic drum beats, drifting synthetic pads, plus guitar and bass structures, which give a rawer vibe to the overall electronic sound of the EP. “
Review by Angel Simitchiev (Mytrip)
„ Saturated Pixels is the creative duo behind the minds of projects like Fragile / Skipping Frames , WeAre NoRobots , Sled Dujd Kachulka and numerous others. They have already left a solid mark on the Bulgarian underground, and now, they promise to do the same with their latest (and most mature) project.

It's all there - the balance between organic and electronic, guitars and drums, melody and harmony, emotion and objective analytics, urban and natural. And everything inbetween.“
Words by Martin Stavrev (Soulslept)

Редактирано от fragile
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Браво за това творческо присъствие на наша земя, момчета!

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"Photons" EP - CD Release - https://www.facebook.com/SaturatedPixelsBand/photos/a.503205616447518.1073741827.471888349579245/876303085804434/?type=1&theater


Photons" се сдоби с физическо тяло 1f642.png:)
Благодарим на всички спомогнали за осъществяването му!
На предстоящите ни концерти ще можете да намерите диск с албума и ръчно печатани тениски чийто дизайн е дело на SpartArt !
Може да намерите албума също и в " Dukyan Meloman / Дюкян Меломан, музикален магазин, грамофонни плочи " - София, ул. 6-ти септември 7а (в близост до Кристал)



Follow Saturated Pixels in
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/saturatedpixels
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9HsG5-CTIVBwkwK3USWo4Q/videos
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SaturatedPixelsBand

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