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Funk Fusion Jam

Atanas Shishkov Funk Fusion Jam

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#1 atanas_shishkov


    Tom Anderson Guitarworks

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Публикувано 25 юни 2015 - 20:07

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Gear :
Yamaha RGX421DM - guitar
Fractal Audio Axe-Fx
Elixir Strings
Vovox cables
Bone pick


Backing track 

https://dl.dropboxus...ng Track Am.rar


Play and enjoy  :virtuoz: 


Atanas Shishkov
Rock/Fusion Guitar Player

Official Website : www.atanasshishkov.com
Band Website : www.spiraless.com
YouTube : www.youtube.com/atanasshishkov
Facebook : https://www.facebook...hishkovofficial
Soundcloud :http://soundcloud.com/atanasshishkov


"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise"


"Jimi would be playing an Fender HM Strat if he were still alive." Bob @ Genesis Recording Studios.

#2 kirilsat


    Дърт новобранец

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Публикувано 02 юли 2015 - 21:29

^ Безкомпромисен, както винаги!!! :thumbs_up:

Като липсват нормални желаещи, да взема аз, да тропна едно.... безидейно и за спорта!

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#3 synchu


    Sandman The Dreamcatcher

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Публикувано 11 юли 2015 - 08:53

Въх изпуснали сме ;)
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