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Разни текстове за мрачна музика и не само

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Ето нещо мое, дано ви хареса:


The Lady in Black


1.Her soul is dark,so is her cloth

She walks alone and prays to God

She’s the lady in black who enchants at once

You’ll look at her, only if she gives you that chance


Chorus:A woman,who represents the beauty of sadness

In spite of all her sorrows.She’s not ruled by madness

Oh,dark enchantress of the night

You cause in people fiery delight


2.She’s cold as the winter and the snow

All that grief,but her eyes still glow

She finds hope in the future

And bears humble her torture

She waits for her piece of happiness

But still so dark,is the lady in black

Chorus repeat:



Your eyes they’re so beautiful,like they’re made of crystal or diamond.


Lady in black:

Crystal?No,my friend.My eyes now,are just the reflection of what they used to be.No crystals or diamonds are they.Just empty glass,holding my deepest sorrows and passions.



How is it possible,someone so beautiful to be so sad?”

Lady in black:

It’s not.I’m not beautiful,I’m just a dream for you,that’s why I look so lovely in your eyes.My soul is empty,because I feel no happiness anymore.Just pain. Never ending pain,that aches from everything.I wish nor life,nor death no more.I wish love and pure,happy feelings,but all that is gone.I just walk alone now,like a black widow,weeping for her loss.Forever”

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А пенеста има ли я записана да чуем как е реализирано това на практика?




Ами за съжаление не, имам материал за може би 3-4 албума в текстове, само, че не пиша музика още, затова и се надявах да намеря хора, които могат да ми помогнат за това, но търсенето още продължава.

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