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  1. 27 years old.. Usually listening and playing Dream Theater but I can play whatever you want I believe myself.. Im playing since 2001 and I am using Musicman Majesty guitar.. Progressive rock is my first choice but I just want to attend rock band in Sofia.. 0876518488 is my phone number for Wp or viber https://www.facebook.com/535189054
  2. 0876518488 is my phone number We would like to play like a Dream Theater.. Does anybody want to play with us ?
  3. Im not from Bulgaria but the others , drummer and keyboard players are Bulgarian..
  4. Hi everyone..!! We would like to play Dream Theater songs I means progressive rock.. We have very good drummer , keyboard player and guitar player.. We determine the song just we need a Vocal and Bass player.. If you guys want to join us , text me.. 0876518488 for Whatsapp or Viber https://www.facebook.com/535189054 Have a nice one to all
  5. Majesty14

    Searching vocal for band in Sofia

    Still trying to find a singer..
  6. Majesty14

    Searching vocal for band in Sofia

    Up up up
  7. We would like to play progressive rock like a Dream Theater and we just need a good vocal. We have drummer , keyboard , guitar and bass player.. If someone believe himself and want to join us just you guys text me.. 0876518488 is my phone for viber or Whatsapp Have a nice one to all

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