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Ibanez/ rocktron EC parrot box - speaker simulator - 220,00 лв.

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Ibanez/ rocktron EC parrot box - speaker simulator

Also affectionately known as the "parrot box." Perhaps named after the bird that can mimic the human language and many other sounds. COMES TO THE LUCKY BUYER NICE AND CLEAN WITH POWER SUPPLY INCLUDED Thanks for looking and buy it now! The Parrot Box can be used as an amp+speaker simulator, or just as a speaker simulator depending on what else you are using with it. It can be used as a pedal or as a tabletop unit; the big 'bump' on top is the bypass footswitch and there is a duplicate control on the front panel. There is an input selector giving 'Preamp', 'Guitar' and 'Distortion' options. You should select the 'Preamp' option if - as the name suggests - you are feeding it from a separate preamp; this mode is the least coloured and the Parrot Box basically functions as a speaker simulator. If you are playing a clean guitar (with no distortion pedals), then the 'Guitar' option is for you; in this mode, a preset EQ is engaged producing a sparkly, chimey clean amp sound. When using distortion pedals (or processor), the 'Distortion' option is the best; in this mode, a preset EQ is engaged but with more of the upper frequencies filtered off to prevent your distortion sounding fizzy and f...

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