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Looking for band in Sofia

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I’m a guitar player and I’m looking for a rock band.. I use Music Man Majesty for a guitar and as you understand I usually playing progressive rock , Dream Theater is my favorite.. If you need a guitar player im here guys. Also I have a vocalist friend if need.. you can find me ;


And whatsapp or viber for 0876518488

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Hi , Men . It's so cool , that there is a fans of the progressive rock still, especially of the greatest Dream Theater .So many years , I have looking for musician , with which to play progressive rock.

My name is Miroslav , drummer for more than 25 years , and I'm technical advanced in drumming. Also I have a friend of mine , who plays on keyboards , and he will join us.

Also, I like many different stiles , like hard rock , fusion , jazz and a greatest bands like TOTO , Dream theater, Marillion,Deep Purple  , Withe Snake , RUSH...

It will bi pleasure for me , to meet each other and jamming some in a studio someday. As a see , we need only a good bass player , bat I.m sure , that will be not a big problem.

My email is: mutzimiltchev@abv.bg , facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/miroslav.milchev.98.


Have a nice day.


Best regards.



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I send friend request to you on facebook.

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