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Публикувано 09 февруари 2018 - 16:36


Това е уникален германиев фъз.Трябва да се чуе! Приемам бартер за wah-wah This is vintage modified gemanium fuzz, based on the original Dallaс Arbiter circuit. The pedal is handmade with high quality NOS components, including perfectly matched AC128 germanium transistors. The PCB is handmade using point to point soldering technique for shorter signal paths!The transistors are carefully selected and matched from a lot of AC128's The fuzz is true bypass and provides very long battery life. Its basic characteristic is that it clears the sound when you turn the guitar volume down. As I already mentioned, the pedal is based on the original Dallas Arbiter circuit. For reference, most of the popular fuzz pedals are based on this exact same circuit. The BIG difference between this pedal and the expensive ones on the market is the price! IT`S AWESOME, YOU GOT TO TRY IT!

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