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CRATE FlexWave 15 - китарен усилвател, 12 inch speaker - 200,00 лв.

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Публикувано 05 декември 2017 - 09:47

CRATE FlexWave 15 R - китарен усилвател, 12 inch speaker

0878 488 986 0886 608 921 A practice amp with fantastic tone. Усилвателя наистина звучи фантастично за такъв клас. Лесно преносим, но с 12 инчов говорител! И ривърб! The Crate FlexWave FW15R is a two-channel guitar combo amplifier with reverb that gives you crystal cleans and rugged distortion tones, thanks to Crate's FlexWave Evolution preamp with patented Sequential Cascading Gain technology. The Crate FW15R's closed back cabinet produces optimal 15-watt output for the 12" speaker. Stereo input allows playing along with your favorite songs, while a headphone jack allows practice at any hour. Onboard 3-band EQ provides dynamic tone control, while the external output can power an additional speaker. This versatile guitar amp weighs just 15 pounds, so you can literally take it anywhere. FEATURES channels 15 watts Evolution preamp Spring reverb 12" speaker 3-band EQ CD/MP3 input Headphone jack Catch the wave! https:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMpSq5Wng6o https:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVylwjX6gXM https:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=clNxk2R8d-

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