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Hughes and Kettner Triplex 50 combo with effects - 380,00 лв.

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Hughes & Kettner Triplex 50 w combo with effects

0878 488 986 0886 608 921 Hughes andamp; Kettner Triplex boasts light weight, a light price and three onboard effects in one workmanlike unit. While its two channelsandmdash;clean and overdriveandmdash;share bass, mid and treble controls, each has independent three-position switches for selecting reverb, delay or chorus. The clean channel is true to its name. delivering detailed and full tone that responds well to single-coil and humbucking pickups. Inch the volume past the halfway mark, however, and a nice, gritty distortion sneaks in. Turn the volume up full, and a nicely ragged overdrive takes over. The overdrive channel's gain picks up where the clean channel volume left off. Here, the saturation levels continue to rise, culminating in a meltdown-level, shrieking, squealing grungefest. And that ain't all. A flick the mode switch brings forth even more gain, along with a generous helping of subharmonic distortion. The onboard effects add useful colors; the reverb, in particular, is quite good in small to medium amounts, although massive doses reveal its solid-state roots. The variable-rate chorus is a welcome addition, adding notable brilliance to the clean channel settings. Fan...


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