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Celestion Century Vintage Speaker Ohms - 250,00 лв.

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Публикувано 07 ноември 2017 - 19:55

Celestion Century Vintage Speaker 8 Ohms

понеже е неодимов е супер лек With the Celestion G12 Century Vintage, Celestion's mission was to create a loudspeaker that combined all the benefits of a Neodymium magnet structure with a voicing that evoked the classic guitar tones of the 1960s and '70s. The incredible magnetic properties of Neo mean that only a small amount is needed to produce the same flux as a much larger ceramic magnet structure. What's more, the magnet of the Celestion G12 Century Vintage is a 'pot' type which actually sits inside the voice coil (unlike the 'ring' magnet of the G12 Century which surrounds the voice coil). The resulting weight of the Celestion G12 Century Vintage is just 1.66kg (3.65lb). The Neo characteristics of fast attack, responsiveness and articulation are very much in evidence. However this specific magnet configuration, combined with a carefully selected cone material and edge treatment, gifts the Celestion G12 Century Vintage with a classic rock sound for the new millennium.

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