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  1. Нарушавам тригодишното си мълчание за да съобщя една много тъжна вест. Вчера е починал легендарният Geofry Emerick, RIP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmpapsnmwBo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O45U96vmES0 Rest in Peace Geoff ... You were the greatest !!!
  2. Parni_Valjak

    Колегата Parni_Valjak

  3. Parni_Valjak

    Падане на звука при китара/загуба

    Satanachrist, Обърни се към специалист, който компетентно да локализира проблема и пак компетентно да го отстрани. Останалото е загуба на време и нерви. Нови потенциометри не са нужни. Освен ако не са потрошени, разбира се. А и не е ясно дали изобщо има проблем с тях. Особеността на проблема ще изисква доста време за откриване, което няма кой да ти подари, затова се опитай сам да разбереш от къде идва проблема, като развържеш системата на отделните и компоненти и тестваш всеки елемент поотделно. След локализирането, вече ще ти трябва специалист.
  4. Parni_Valjak

    Забавна простотия

    Да се върнем към простотията... - Президент В.В. Путин выдвинут на соискание Нобелевской премии. - В какой области? - Донецкой и Луганской.
  5. Parni_Valjak

    Забавна простотия

    Така могат само чисти и неопетнени създания!
  6. Parni_Valjak

    Забавна простотия

    Леко отделяне от всекидневната простотия: Взаимна любов!
  7. Parni_Valjak

    Музикални поздрави 2

    Тъкмо гледам по CINEMAX 2 - The magnificent seven... Great picture, great score ...
  8. A little movie containing most popular compact cassette tapes of the 70s, 80s and 90's
  9. Parni_Valjak

    Звукова апаратура за мераклии

    A time-lapse of RND engineer Travis Kelley puts together a 16 channel 5088 frame over the course of 2-days. Comments Jeffrey Fries: You want to know what love looks like? This is it in 45 seconds. Hadi Droubi: How to buy one in 45 years or more
  10. HAPPY 67 BIRTHDAY SIR ROBERT PLANT Whole lotta love
  11. Parni_Valjak

    Музикални поздрави 2

    The Very Best of Jazz Divas 00:00 - Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares for Me 03:38 - Etta James - At Last 06:38 - Dinah Washington - Cry Me a River 09:07 - Doris Day - Let's Keep Smiling 12:05 - Louis Armstrong - (Ft. Ella Fitzgerald) 15:12 - Marilyn Monroe - I Wanna Be Loved By You 18:08 - Billie Holliday - I'm a Fool to Want You 21:35 - Shirley Bassey - My Funny Valentine 24:47 - Joséphine Baker - J'ai Deux Amours 28:02 - Peggy Lee - Fever 31:01 - Etta James - I Just Want to Make Love to You 34:09 - Dinah Washington - Mad About the Boy 37:09 - Sarah Vaughan - Lullaby of Birdland 41:09 - Billie Holliday - Don't Explain 43:37 - Eartha Kitt - C'est Si Bon 46:35 - The Andrews Sisters - Sing Sing Sing 49:14 - Etta James - Anything to Say You're Mine 51:50 - Peggy Lee - It's a Good Day 54:40 - The Andrews Sisters - In the Mood 57:26 - Sarah Vaughan - What a Difference a Day Makes 01:00:18 - Peggy Lee - Why Don't You Do It Right? (Ft. Benny Goodman Orchestra) 01:03:25 - Joséphine Baker - La Vie En Rose 01:05:56 - Louis Armstrong - Summertime (Ft. Ella Fitzgerald) 01:10:53 - Doris Day - Whatever Will Be 01:13:00 - Billie Holliday - Body and Soul 01:16:00 - Sarah Vaughan - The More I See You 01:19:05 - Nina Simone - He Needs Me 01:21:38 - Brenda Lee - I'm Sorry 01:24:18 - Eartha Kitt - Nobody Taught Me 01:26:40 - Ella Fitzgerald - Black Coffee 01:30:09 - Billie Holliday - Strange Fruit 01:33:25 - Marilyn Monroe - My Heart Belongs to Daddy 01:38:30 - Judy Garland - Over the Rainbow 01:41:19 - Eartha Kitt - Lilac Wine 01:44:43 - Louis Armstrong - Cheek to Cheek (Ft. Ella Fitzgerald) 01:50:38 - Peggy Lee - He's a Tramp 01:53:18 - Marilyn Monroe - Diamond Are the Girl's Best Friend 01:56:27 - Doris Day - Tea for Two 01:59:37 - Nina Simone - Love Me or Leave Me 02:03:01 - Sarah Vaughan - He's My Guy
  12. Shelford Interviews: Rupert Neve discusses how technologies in the 60's changed sound engineering Shelford Interviews: Developments that lead to the classic Neve modules Shelford Interviews: The Development of Early Faders Rupert Neve discusses some of the early trials and tribulations of incorporating faders into the early Neve consoles. Shelford Interviews: Rupert Neve talks about creating his first transister based mixer As part of the Shelford Interviews with Rupert Neve exploring his early days in the recording industry, Rupert talks about the creation of his first transistor based mixer and the change over from tube / valve based designs. Shelford Interviews: Moving to the Little Shelford Rectory and other early production sites As part of the Shelford Interviews with Rupert Neve exploring his early days in the recording industry, Rupert talks about building his early mixers in his garage and subsequently moving production to Little Shelford, Melborne, and Scotland as the business grew.
  13. If the song isn't great on a 2 track cassette - it's still not going to be great on whatever !

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